We start every project with a commitment to clear planning and communication, and we follow through with experience, quality, and accountability. A commercial solar project is a large undertaking. We are here to make the process as seamless as possible.


After supplying us with site information, we will contact you to gather any necessary additional information. We will then set up a convenient time for a site visit, where we will perform a detailed assessment. We will be looking at things like solar exposure and orientation, possible solar module mounting and electrical interconnection options, as well as superficial structural issues.


The information garnered at your initial consultation will be used to prepare a preliminary comprehensive solar energy installation proposal. Our proposal will cover such things as system performance characteristics, energy savings, payback periods, as well as state and federal financial incentives. We will also discuss financially sensitive items such as return on investment and internal rate of return. Most importantly, we will include a number of financing schemes that in some states, like Massachusetts, enable you to immediately start generating positive cash flow.


After we are contracted to install your solar array, we will begin the process of putting all the pieces in place to begin installation. Our team will revisit your site to develop electrical and structural specifications, and the information will be worked into a detailed design. Our team works closely with National Electrical Code parameters as well as widely accepted commercial solar design guidelines that will insure the highest efficiency. Our designers and engineers will then work closely with your local utility and building department to insure that permitting and electrical interconnection go smoothly and everything is to-code.


After the necessary permits are issued, we will move forward with your solar installation. Throughout the installation, we will keep you up to speed on all progress. We will submit interconnection applications to your local utility as well as rebate or refund applications to your state agency, overseeing their acceptance and approval. Our team will install all mounts, modules, inverters, meters, and disconnects according to approved permitted designs in a clean and timely manner. All of our work meets or exceeds electrical and building codes. We coordinate with your local building department and utility for timely completion of all required inspections. Ultimately our goal is a seamless, smooth, turn-key process, from start to finish.


At Second Generation Energy, we understand the value in quality customer support. Inherent in this value is professional, timely, courteous responses to any and all concerns or issues related to your solar system. We believe this is one of the ways that we separate ourselves from our competitors. You are our clients, and without you, we wouldn’t be here. Therefore, we stand committed to providing the necessary support required to keep your solar system online.

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