U.S Solar Statistics

More people are deciding to go solar every year. Going solar will reduce or eliminate your electric bill, earn a good return for your investment, increase your property value, protect against rising energy costs, and protect the environment by cutting your consumption of non-renewable energy.

The US Energy Administration is enthusiastic about solar, claiming it is one of the fast-growing renewable energy market sectors today, alongside wind energy. Private and public entities benefit economically from participating in the solar market, residents and business owners save money by reducing their need for utility electric costs and storing extra electricity, and solar panels use a free, non-polluting form of energy that comes from the sun, cutting need for  fossil fuels and improving the environment.

The U.S Energy Information Administration’s website has a data page showing data on the monthly solar Energy consumption across the country. Plotted on a logarithmic scale which shows the rate of growth in every sector well, it explains that the Distributed solar energy for residential, commercial, and industrial has been rising at similar rates throughout the past 20 years or so. There is solar consumption in the utility power sector that keeps rising as well! These are large-scale projects that help produce heat for thermal power plants. These systems are Concentrated Solar Power systems, which use mirrors, lenses, and solar tracking systems that concentrate slight energy into small beams. The focused light is converted to heat to drive a heat engine and produce power. Most residential systems are Photovoltaic systems, of PV systems, which generate electricity directly from converting sunlight into a flowing circuit.

The US Energy Information Administration states that two main benefits of solar energy are the system does not produce pollutants like carbon dioxide, and over all the systems have minimal effect on the environment. There are also federal tax incentives that they state online where an owner of a solar power system can reduce their income tax fees after  you both ensure you are eligible for the reduction and fill out an IRS form 5695.

Join the movement and help the US reach its renewable energy targets! Go solar today!