Spring into Solar!

Spring is indeed an excellent time to start the process of transitioning to solar energy for several reasons: Optimal Sunlight: Spring brings longer days and increasing sunlight as compared to winter. More sunlight means your solar panels can generate more energy, making it an ideal time to start harnessing solar power. Preparation for Summer: By […]

Happy Earth Day! We Can All Make A Difference.

Earth Day is an important event that takes place every year to raise awareness of environmental issues and foster a deeper appreciation for our planet. It’s a day that reminds us of our role in preserving the environment. One way to extend the spirit of Earth Day throughout the year is by adopting solar power […]

Solar for your Commercial Property

The Inflation Reduction Act has brought about a remarkable change. It has presented Federal Tax Credits for Solar that, in some situations, double the previous benefits. This is something we’ve never witnessed before. The benefits are significant. Many of our clients are seeing a 50% reduction in their tax burden thanks to these credits. But […]

As you witness the eclipse, consider how much energy the sun provides us!

As you may already know, today marks a celestial event that captures the imagination of people worldwide – a solar eclipse. While the moon briefly obscures the sun, casting a shadow across our planet, it’s a reminder of the incredible power our star holds. At SGE Solar, we’re all about harnessing the power of the […]

Why Now Is the Time to Go Solar

In recent years, the adoption of solar energy has surged dramatically as individuals and businesses seek cleaner, more sustainable alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. While this shift towards solar power is undoubtedly commendable for its environmental benefits, it also poses unique challenges to utility infrastructure, particularly to transformer capacity. As more and more households and […]

What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

In Massachusetts, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are a key component of the state’s renewable energy program, particularly for homeowners who install solar panels. Here’s a breakdown of how they work: Generating Solar Power: When a homeowner installs a solar energy system (from SGE Solar) on their property, they generate electricity from the sun. This […]

Exploring Solar Panel Options

As we step into an era of sustainable living, the decision to adopt solar energy is not just about harnessing renewable power but also making a choice that profoundly impacts both the environment and homeowners’ finances. The right solar panel selection is crucial, serving as a gateway to a greener future and providing tangible economic […]

Harnessing Sunshine: SGE Solar Illuminates the Path to Sustainable Savings in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire

In an era where environmental consciousness meets economic pragmatism, the quest for sustainable energy solutions has gained unprecedented momentum. Here at SGE Solar, we’re a full-turnkey installer dedicated to empowering homeowners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire to not only reduce their carbon footprint but also slash their high electric bills. The Power of […]