The New Infrastructure Bill

Renewable Energy Policies in Rhode Island

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What are Massachusetts Clean Energy Goals?

Massachusetts is already a leader in the clean energy sector! Here are some quick facts from the MassCEC:

The Past Decade of Solar

Solar technology has come a long way since solar panels first hit the market in 1959 with Hoffman electric’s first 10% efficient panel. Now there are countless brands (here are the ones that we most often install) on the market that are double as efficient!

Organic Solar Cells

Organic solar cells are a type of solar cell which use a process similar to photosynthesis in plants to produce solar energy. But instead of converting sunlight to glucose, these solar cells convert sunlight into solar energy.

Solar in the Fall

Now that cooler weather has officially set in here in Massachusetts, you may be wondering – what happens to my solar panels in the fall?

What is Floating Solar?

It is one of the newest innovations in solar technology! Floating solar is essentially putting solar panels on any man-made body of water.