We offer a variety of different solar panel brands!

We sell any brand of solar panel on the market, but here are our most popular panel manufacturers.

Below is a brief description and link to a datasheet of our most popular solar panel brands. The datasheets give more detailed information about each panels wattage, materials, durability, etc. If you have any questions about the different types of panels, give us a call or reach out to us through our contact form and we would be happy to discuss the panels with you and answer any questions.

REC Solar

REC Solar is a Norway based company. They provide a 25 year performance, labor, and product warranty. They sell the REC alpha pure and the REC alpha panels for residential installations, both of which are heterojunction panels. They also sell the REC Twinpeak 4 and the REC N-peak, which are monocrystalline panels. For commercial buyers, they sell all those panels in addition to the REC alpha 72 and the REC Twinpeak 3S 72.


Solaria’s panels are known for their pure black aesthetic. Their newest technology, the PowerX panels, comes in a 400 Watt and 430 Watt series. Solaria also offers a 30-year part, performance, and labor warranty.


Qcell offers the Q.peak model for residential usage, and the Q.plus model for commercial usage. The Q.peak model also offers an all black monocrystalline panel for a sleeker look.


Panasonic offers a 25 year product, part, and labor warranty on their panels. They sell the both Evervolt Modules and HIT modules. The Evervolt Modules range from 350 – 380 Watts, and the HIT modules which range from 320 – 340 Watts. They also have all-black panel options for a more sleek aesthetic.

LG Electronics

LG Solar panels come with a 25 year product, performance, and labor warranty. They offer Neon 3 Panels (their best seller), Neon R and Neon R Prime Panels (highest wattage), and Neon R ACe Panels (easiest to install).