System Maintenance

We service all residential and commercial solar installations.  Our top notch solar technicians are trained and experienced in both troubleshooting solar PV performance issues AND performing the preventative maintenance. With our help, you can keep your solar facility running at peak performance for years to come. We have been installing solar at SGE for almost 15 years! So, we are familiar with all solar technologies.  Whether it is Enphase micro-inverters, Solaredge power optimizers, or any kind of string inverter, we know how to get them operating properly, and keep them operating properly.

Removal & Reinstall

There are many reasons that you may need to remove and reinstall your solar panel system. Since roofs need to be replaced roughly every 20 years, customers often need to replace their roof a few years after installing their solar panels. Luckily, our service team is experienced in removing and reinstalling solar panel systems.

Performance Issues

Your solar facility is a complex installation of solar modules, inverters, combiner boxes, power optimizers, monitoring systems, AC combiners, and internet connections.  There are a number of potential failure points.  And when one of these failures occur, your performance will drop.  And when your performance drops, you’re ROI drops.  We can get you back online and operating and help you stay online and operating.

Preventative Maintenance

Roof penetrations, racking systems, wire management.  You’ve probably never heard of these components but they are the backbone to your solar installation.  Wires come undone, bolts come loose, and sometimes even roof penetrations will leak.  By scheduling a performance assurance inspection, we can identify these issues and correct them before they get worse, and take the necessary steps to keep them from happening again.

Critter Guard and Snow Guard

We can install different types of guards on your solar panels to protect them and your roof. Read more about snow guards here and critter guards here.

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