Critter Guard

Especially if your home is located near trees or overhead wires, small animals can cause damage to solar panels and roofs. Rooftop solar panels create an ideal environment for pigeons and other birds to nest and roost.  The panels provide shade from the hot sun and a sense of security from predators.  Also, squirrels can be notorious for nesting under rooftop panels and can possibly chew through exposed or hanging wires. They may use their teeth to cut power lines to and from solar panels and, if they chew the right wire, this could lead to expensive and unwanted repairs. Critter guards can be installed to keep small animals away from your solar panels.

Critter guards line the space between the roof and your solar panel. They are a more durable chicken wire type of structure with holes small enough to keep out small animals. The photo to the right is an example.

Why do I need a critter guard?

There are 4 potentially expensive hazards to home rooftop solar panels that are remedied and eliminated by Critter Guard:

1) Squirrels that chew wiring and can damage your solar electrical system.
2) Damaged wiring that turns into a fire hazard.
2) Pigeons that nest underneath your home solar system create a serious health risk while degrading your property.
4) An accumulation of leaves or debris trapped beneath solar panel arrays can lead to roof damage and roof rot.

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Critter guards are a great investment to protect your roof and solar panel. SGE can install them for you! If you are interested, fill out or contact form or give us a call.