Massachusetts SMART Program

More people are deciding to go solar every year. Going solar will reduce or eliminate your electric bill, earn a good return for your investment, increase your property value, protect against rising energy costs, and protect the environment by cutting your consumption of non-renewable energy.

In November 2018, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources transitioned from the SREC II Program to the SMART Program to better promote cost-effective development of solar energy for Massachusetts. Many Massachusetts residents are hitching onto the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program to quickly gain returns on their investment and contribute to the solar panel industry.

As published on the official Massachusetts government website, this program will ensure solar contract prices that are predictable across utility service territories regardless of varying retail price, program costs, and financial incentives. The program also provides long-term revenue for solar producers, which reduces financing costs and lowers overall project costs.

Sounds good to us! If you are a resident of Massachusetts who would like a return on your investment, consider the SMART program and get in touch with Second Generation Energy or one of our partners. We are doing what we can to change where our energy comes from to power our communities and support solar panel industry growth.