We are expecting a large reduction in solar incentives when the current SREC 2 program ends and the proposed feed-in tariff begins. The payback duration will most likely go from 4-6 years to 8-10 years for a typical residential system.

If you want to take advantage of SREC 2 don’t hesitate. We are Massachusetts “incentive experts” and will make sure you are enrolled in the SREC 2 program through our long term partnership with the folks at SunDial.

The benefits of solar energy are HUGE both economically and environmentally. You could be generating your own emission-free energy while earning SREC revenue. It’s a no-brainer and an estimate will prove that.

Oh, and there is a low-interest, fixed rate Solar Loan Incentive available in Massachusetts too.

Contact us to find out if you have a good site for solar and to receive your free, no obligation estimate. It’s worth a look. Or call 508-377-4037 or email: info@sgegroup.com (just don’t delay:)

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