Happy Earth Day! We Can All Make A Difference.

Earth Day is an important event that takes place every year to raise awareness of environmental issues and foster a deeper appreciation for our planet.

It’s a day that reminds us of our role in preserving the environment. One way to extend the spirit of Earth Day throughout the year is by adopting solar power for your home or encouraging a friend to do the same.

Solar energy is a sustainable form of energy that’s supported by both federal and local government incentives and initiatives. For every 1kW home solar panel, you can prevent the burning of 170 pounds of coal, the release of 300 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere, and the consumption of 105 gallons of water every year.

If you recommend our services to someone—a friend, family member, or neighbor—and they sign a contract with us, we’ll reward you with $500.00. The process is simple: they just need to mention your name and then let us know via email or phone that you referred them. Remember, every day can be Earth Day with the power of solar!