Check out these selective organizations that Second Generation Energy is proud to be a member of…

NABCEP: North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals
A voluntary and rigorous certification program for professional installers.

SEBANE: Solar Energy Business Association of New England
A public interest group promoting the use of solar and the positive development of the solar industry throughout New England.

NESEA: Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
An organization that promotes energy solutions that are sustainable and have a proven track record of success.


Some of our trusted affiliates…

Cooperstown Environmental

“At Cooperstown Environmental, our mission is to find innovative yet practical, high quality, and cost-effective ways to create a greener planet – one property at a time. This protects your property investment and provides benefits to both human health and the environment”

Get Disaster Prepped

“Helping our clients get -and stay prepared for a disaster or emergency with customized Disaster Preparedness Plans and Communication Plans. Emergency Kits, maintenance reminders and long-term climate change consulting. Don’t put off preparedness”