2021 Commercial Incentives

Commercial Incentives
  • 26% Federal Tax Credit
  • State Tax Incentives
  • MACRS Depreciation
  • Eliminate or Reduce your Electric Bill
  • Green Business Community

The 26% federal tax credit allows businesses to offset their tax liability.

To help recoup the cost of commercial solar, each business can depreciate the system over a 5 year period.  The depreciation schedule follows the 5 year property half year convention:

Early Bird Gets the Worm! Capacity filling up, contact us today while the Massachusetts SMART Program is still available!

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), in conjunction with the participating electric utilities is setting their sights even higher for the most energy-efficient state in the nation by launching the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program. The SMART Program is a long-term sustainable solar incentive program sponsored by Eversource, National Grid and Unitil. SMART will encourage the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology by supporting 1,600 MW of new solar generating capacity.

The SMART Program began with 17 projects totaling 53.273 MW of solar PV. These new Solar Tariff Generation Units (STGUs) will generate clean, renewable power for decades to come. Along with this first block of awards, the Base Compensation Rate levels have been set for the SMART program. On November 26, 2018 at 12P Noon, the SMART Program will become available to solar PV projects of all types and sizes, up to 5 MW per project.