Snow Guards

SnowGuards snow management systems are important for any low-friction, sloped roof. They are placed on the edge of your solar panels.

Why do I need a snow guard?

Snow and ice can avalanche off a low-friction, sloped roof and pose a hazard to people and property below. Since solar panels are dark and designed to capture the sun’s energy, their surface is warmer than that of the roof. Additionally, they have a lot less friction than your typical roof material. Normally, when snow hits the roof, it sticks and eventually melts away. However, when snow falls on the warmer, slicker solar panel surface, it melts and slides down the solar panel all at once. This large pile of snow could damage your roof, or anything underneath it when it falls. 

So, our SnowGuards products hold the snow and ice in position on the roof, allowing it to melt and shed gradually, instead of all at once. 

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