Peer Pressure for Solar Panels

What is the largest indicator that a given house will have solar panels?  It is not what you may think! According a study done by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, geographical distance from a house with solar panels is the largest indicator of if a given house will have solar panels. This means […]

Benefits of Solar Power on the Environment

We all know that solar power is clean and environmentally friendly. But how exactly do your solar panels help the earth? Here are six ways that solar energy benefits the environment: 1. Solar panels do not emit any carbon dioxide while producing energy

Rhode Island Renews Funding for Solar Farms on Brownfields

Good News For Rhode Island Solar!  This week has brought some good news for Rhode Island solar: The Rhode Island Commerce’s Renewable Energy Fund has renewed its funding incentives for solar projects on brownfields. Brownfields are contaminated or polluted sites. They are often old industrial parks or commercial areas. This incentive funds solar developers and […]

How Does Warm Weather Affect Solar Panels?

As the weather heats up, here are some things to keep in mind about your solar panels. Many customers worry about their panels losing efficiency in the heat. While it is true that heat affects solar panels, they don’t tend to lose efficiency until it gets above 77 °F. Solar panels have a temperature coefficient, […]

Why you should make the investment in solar today

Massachusetts and Rhode Island currently hosts a variety of solar incentives for homeowners to reduce the cost of buying and installing your own solar panels. These include: Net metering: which gives energy credits back to homeowners when their solar systems are producing more energy than they use in a given day. For example, solar panels […]

Federal Tax Credit for 2020 and 2021

Did you know the Federal Investment Tax Credit is Phasing out! This is the most significant financial benefit for going solar. As a turn-key installer, Second Generation Energy will manage the process of getting your solar system installed so you can take full advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit WHILE YOU CAN. Schedule your no cost […]

Snow and Your Solar Panels

We are looking forward to some good old fashioned snow BUT…we wanted to post a quick reminder about snow and your solar system. Snow can pile up and then slide forcefully off of your modules Refrain from parking under panels that are likely to dump snow Don’t play under panels that have snow which can […]

Why you should add solar to your rooftop today!

More people are deciding to go solar every year. Going solar will reduce or eliminate your electric bill, earn a good return for your investment, increase your property value, protect against rising energy costs, and protect the environment by cutting your consumption of non-renewable energy. Sometimes people hold back from going solar if they are […]