The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) incentive, offers fixed incentives for up to 20 years on qualifying solar projects. The SMART program includes an “adders” feature, providing higher incentives for solar installations with desirable characteristics—such as rooftops and carports that provide efficient use of space, behind-the-meter systems, and energy storage. This long-term sustainable solar incentive program sponsored by Eversource, National Grid and Unitil, will encourage the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology throughout the state by supporting 1,600 MW of new solar generating capacity.

Basic Features of New Program are as follows:

• 1,600 MW AC declining block program
• Applies to all electric distribution companies
• Same compensation rates across state
• 10 or 20-year fixed price term depending on project capacity (10-year for small, 20-year for large)
• Compensation structure differentiated between sized-to-load and standalone systems
• Base compensation rates set according to project size
• Adders based on location, and those that provide unique benefits, including community solar, low-income, public, and energy storage projects
• Base compensation rates decline by set percentages in each block following Block 1
• Maximum project size of 5 MW per parcel