Sun Tech: Solar Powered Gadgets For Summer (or any time of year!)

We’re all about solar panels- but you can power far more than your house using energy from the sun! Check out these nifty tools and toys to help you out around the house, the beach, the pool, or wherever your summer takes you!

Solar Speakerskeeps the pool party going without having to trip over cables or change batteries!

Solar Phone ChargersIncredible affordable and incredibly useful for maintaining your emergency calling ability on off-the-grid adventures!

Solar HeadphonesAnother convenient way to skip both tangling connection chords AND constantly replacing batteries!

Solar FansThe one linked here is an attic exhaust fan (keep your upper levels cool and circulating), but porch and even desktop versions exist as well!

Solar FlashlightsPerfect for camping and backpacking, where weight and storage space are key and ditching even small batteries goes a long way! (Plus, you never have to find your way to your tent in the dark!)

Solar Decorations – A way to transform your yard or porch that won’t be heavy on the electric bill, and will stand out to your neighbors and friends!

Solar Keyboard – Even through your office window enough sun can sneak in to power your typing!

Solar Walkway LampsI had these along the walkway to my front door growing up, and when relatives come over or when there’s snow and ice everywhere, and especially when little trick-or-treaters come to your door, it’s so nice to be able to light their path!

And just to add in a couple honorable mentions:

Solar Cookers, discussed in an earlier blog post, use reflection to concentrate heat from the sun on your food and make snacks, no wires or electricity necessary!

-Using the sun’s energy the good old-fashioned way: Gardening! It’s are always a great way to teach kids about plants, give them a project in responsibility (that’s not as expensive or intense as a pet), and for children and adults alike, to grow colorful flowers, tasty herbs, and even fruits and veggies to freshen up the dinner table!

Know of any other useful gadgets or toys that run on sun? Let us know: @SecondGenEnergy on Twitter or on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you!

By Danica Bergmann